Robin Bowers

they/them — CV


I’m a PhD student in the CS Theory group at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I’m co-advised by Dr. Bo Waggoner and Dr. Rafael Frongillo.

I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science, particularly algorithmic game theory and mechanism design. I’m currently interested in matching markets, uncertainty of information, and information aggregation. I’m also interested in socially impactful algorithms and fairness in mechanism design.


I founded the Algorithmic Fairness Reading Group at CU Boulder with Robby Green and Mary Monroe in Fall ‘23.

I wrote a guide to reading group orgainzation for grad students (especially people in alg econ/CU Boulder). Hopefully it’s of use!

I presented my work with Bo Waggoner on High Welfare Matching Markets via Descending Price at WINE ‘23 in Shanghai in December.


High Welfare Matching Markets via Descending Price (WINE '23)
Robin Bowers, Bo Waggoner.
Loom Pedals: Retooling Jacquard Weaving for Improvisational Design Workflows (TEI '24)
Shanel Wu, Xavier A Corr, Xi Gao, Sasha De Koninck, Robin Bowers, Laura Devendorf.
Machine Learning Based MIMO Equalizer for High Frequency (HF) Communications (IJCNN '20)
S. Spillane, K. H. Jung, Bowers, T. Peken, M. H. Marefat and T. Bose.